“I admit it. I was skeptical. I was not sure whether Rolfing was nonsense or not. I am generally reluctant to try something different when it comes to therapy or wellness. But after 10 sessions with Breana I can confidently say that Rolfing was a huge help for me and hopefully you will find the same for you.


My wife signed me up for a session with Breana as a birthday gift. I have been uncomfortable in general for years and she thought it might help. I am yet another laptop toting professional who travels a bunch and spends most of his day hunched in front of some screen. I think years of doing so had taken its toll and my posture and general levels of weird aches and pains were getting worse and worse.


In the first session with Breana we talked about my situation and how Rolfing might help. I committed to doing 3 of the 10 sessions (you should try at least 3 to make sure it works for you) and focusing on a few specific trouble areas. I am glad I did. I noticed a significant decrease in my level of discomfort, improved posture and I just felt better in general. After 3 sessions I had gotten to a point where I was really looking forward to the next session and seeing additional improvements. After completing all 10 sessions, there are continued improvements and I am no longer a skeptic, I am bummed I am done.


I hope everyone has the same experience as me. I certainly recommend you give it a try and find out. You cannot pick a better person than Breana to work with if you are going to try Rolfing. She is an excellent therapist, offers great advice and is a kind and considerate professional. Breana really listens to where you think you need help and exercises Rolfing to help address those concerns. I will be back to see her from time to time even though I am done with the series of 10 just to maintain what she did so I don’t feel that way again.”

- Andrew T.



"I am so happy that I found Breana. I had heard about Rolfing for many years, mostly from people who had been though the ten series and raved about the positive changes it brought about for them. I've had many massages over the years; some great and some so-so. The greatest benefit I had was from a technique called "neuro-fascial release".  I had been told thiat it is related to, but not the same as Rolfing, that Rolfing was an even deeper therapy, and I was intrigued

Fast forward to 2014. I had been experiencing increasing pain in both hips for over a year and was searching for an intensive, on-going therapy that was not drug or surgery related.  A chance conversation with a friend - a recent Rolfing "veteran" brought it to the forefront and I decided to go for it. Interestingly, that friend suggested I look for someone who was certified, but not necessarily a long-time practitioner. They cautioned me that some of those with the most experience bring other modalities into their practices - and my friend encouraged me to find someone who was "just a rolfer". 

Other than this, My criteria were simple: close to my home, easy going personality (a few of the websites I looked at had so many rules and disclaimers that I was immediately turned off), reasonable pricing (compared to what, I'm not sure, I just got a sense of the typical/average rates and went from there), and someone who could see me weekly. So I looked at a few websites, found Breana, and really liked what she had to say. She responded quickly, we booked a session and that was that. 

I just completed session six, so I am more than half way through. The sessions have been great - everything I hoped they would be. Breana is skilled at the physical piece, but she is also kind, caring and gentle.  She pays attention and if I get overwhelmed she will dial things down without backing off too much, so the benefits are not lost. She is cheerful and explains what she is doing, but doesn't talk unless she needs to or I ask her a question.  The deep work leaves me very relaxed and centered after each session, and the effect lasts for days afterwards. I'm also becoming aware of parts of my body that I had never paid much or any attention to. This is a wonderful and unexpected plus!  

As for the benefits, I might be a little different than the average client. My increasing hip pain has lead me to the discovery that I need a hip replacement, which is scheduled for early December. When I started the ten series, I had hopes that this deep work would be a significant step towards resolving my pain. I now view it as a preparation for, companion to and follow up strategy for this huge, scary medical procedure I'm about to undertake. I know that the new hip will not solve all of my problems, just as Rolfing nor any one thing can.  But even after the ten series is compete, I know I will be back on Breana's table for some targeted work."

- Gail J.

“The body process is not linear, it is circular . . . One thing goes awry, and its effects go on and on and on and on. A body is a web, connecting everything with everything else.” – Ida P. Rolf

“We are not truly upright, we are only on our way to being upright. This is a metaphysical consideration. One of the jobs of a Rolfer is to speed that process along. We want to get a man out of the place where gravity is his enemy. We want to get him into the place where gravity reinforces him and is a friend, a nourishing force.” – I.P.R.

Dr. Rolf photo courtesy of David Campbell

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